Bulk Synthetic dyneema winch rope for warn and runva winches

Synthetic dyneema winch rope extension for warn and runva winches

Synthetic dyneema winch rope for warn and runva winches

Thimble and Synthetic dyneema winch rope for warn and runva winches

Synthetic dyneema winch rope for warn and runva winches

Synthetic Rope

Synthetic Winch Rope replaces the steel cable that comes on 4wd recovery winches. Also known as wire rope and having trade names of Dyneema, Spectra and Plasma rope.
Warn winches are the big name in winches and have been around for years, but only come with steel cable. When you buy your next Warn winch, upgrade your purchase with our Dyneema SK75 synthetic winch rope. Even an older Warn winch with steel cable can be upgraded with synthetic rope. Note that we can supply a new Runva winch, with Dyneema rope, at an unbeatable price of $749.00.
There are many benefits to replacing the steel cable on your winch with the new synthetic rope.
  • High strength
  • Stronger than wire cable
  • High fatigue resistance
  • Safe to handle
  • Extremely flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal snap back in case the line brakes
  • Very low stretch
  • High UV resistance
  • High abrasion resistance
  • No kinks, curls, splinters to cause sore fingers
  • Easy to handle
  • Great for rescues in water
  • Floats on water

Standard Winch Rope Pricing

10mm Australian, 30m $185.00
10mm Australian, 50m $299.00

Add $20.00 for Stainless thimble

ATV 4.75mm, 15 m length $52.00

What is Available?

Winch ropes are not all the same!

We carry different diameters and strengths to suit your needs.

13mm Blue - Chinese 15,500kg
12mm Orange - Chinese 12,500kg
12mm Black - Australian 13,500kg
11mm Blue - Chinese 10,840kg
11mm Black - Australian 11,500kg
10mm SuperMax - Korean 10,800kg
10mm Australian 9,000kg
9.5mm 8,890kg
9.5mm 7,500kg
9mm 7,900kg
8mm 5,500kg
6mm, 3,200kg
4.75mm, 2,450kg

11mm is suitable for heavy 4wd's and competition work.
10mm is suitable for standard 4wd's ie Patrol and Landcruiser.
9mm is suitable for lighter 4wd's ie older model Hilux and Navara.
6.3mm is suitable for boats and heavy ATV's
4.75mm is suitable for ATV's and light boats.

Winch rope lengths are dependent on your requirements and also according to drum size and capacity of the winch.
A Warn 9500 low-mount winch will take a maxiumum length of 30m of 10mm Dyneema rope or 26m of 11mm rope.
The Warn High Mount winch can spool 42m of 11mm Dyneema rope or 50m of 10mm.

Off the shelf lengths are available in
11mm 26m, Suit Low mount
10mm 30m  Suit Low mount
or 10mm 50m suit Warn Highmount
for 4wd's
15m for ATV's

We can assemble your requiments in length, end and diameter, usually within a day or so. Colour is an option for many of our ropes.

Extension winch ropes are available in an size you require. Sometimes having two shorter ones is more useful than having one long rope.

See FAQ for info about rope lengths.

Note that the breaking strain is the point at which the rope breaks. This winch rope has not been rated for lifting equipment.

Email or phone for a great deal.

Custom Requirements

We can help if you.
  1. Specify the diameter / breaking strength
  2. Length
  3. End termination
We are happy to give quotes.
email requirements to info@eon4wd.com.au or
ph 03 9012 9554

Termination and Ends

The rope thimble is the preffered termination for winch ropes. This allows easy connection of a bow shackle.  Stainless steel shackles can be useful in high wearing situations.
Some  comp guys prefer to go straight onto a latching hook for speed. In this case a small loop is all you need.

The ring terminal has no strength and is designed to assist with fastening to the winch drum. A clove hitch, placed after the ring terminal on the winch drum, will ensure that the rope will not accidentally pull out. You need at least 5 turns (neat and tight) on the drum before a full load is placed on the winch.

  • Stainless Steel Thimble

  • Loop
  • (with protective cover)
  • Ring Terminal