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We love exploring our great country. We would like you to enjoy it also.

The confidence that we have in our products comes from using them in this great country. We stand behind the products we sell, so that you can put your trust in them too.

If you need any advice or information, we are happy to help.
We don't know everything, but we will point you in the right direction if we can't help.
United Albion Mine ruins SteiglitzThe United Albion Mine sign, Steiglitz
The United Albion Mine, Steiglitz, Brisbane Ranges.

MISSION  -  Courage to Explore, Empowered to Return.
Helping you to enjoy this great country. With the right equipment and advice you will have the courage to explore and enjoy what this country has to offer. Best of all, with the right equipment, you are empowered to deal with every situation that the great outdoors can throw up.

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